1) процесс

2) обработать
3) перерабатывать
4) движение
5) течение
6) прием
7) способ
8) обрабатывать
9) процедура
10) технологический
11) обрабатывающий
12) вычислительный
activate a process
additive process
adiabatic process
adjoint process
aluninography process
anaerobic process
auxiliary process
averaging process
batch process
Bessemer process
bloomery process
branching process
commercialize a process
computational process
continuous process
controlled process
converter process
correlated process
counter-flow process
Crouse process
cupola process
decision process
denumerable process
destroy a process
deterministic process
diagonal process
diffusion process
doping process
dry-press process
EFG process
emigration process
endothermic process
equally-correlated process
equilibrium process
ergodic process
exhaustion process
exothermic process
explosive process
fit process adequately
hereditary process
ideal process
immigration process
implement process
input process
install process
inverse process
irreversible process
isentropic process
isobaric process
isochoric process
isothermal process
iterative process
Kroll process
limit process
Markov process
martingale process
Moebius process
non-steady process
nonequilibrium process
nonpreemptive process
open-hearth process
optimal process
Orbach process
oxidizing process
path of a process
periodic process
pig-and-ore process
preemptive process
probabilistic process
process acid
process camera
process chart
process condensate
process data
process design
process engineering
process feed
process film
process gas
process information
process installation
process interface
process liquid
process liquor
process load
process occurs
process of exhaustion
process oil
process oxygen
process runs
process steam
process the rubber
process variable
process water
production process
random process
rate process
reduction process
regular process
repetitive process
reproduce process
reverberatory process
reversible process
rotor process
sequential process
soft-mud process
stationary process
steady-state process
steel-making process
stencil process
stochastic process
transient process
transport process
umklapp process
unit process
unsteady process
welding process
Wohlwill process
xiphoid process

acid open-hearth process — кислый мартеновский процесс

basic Bessemer process — томасовский процесс

basic oxygen process — кислородно-конвертерный процесс

basis open-hearth process — основной мартеновский процесс

birth and death process — <math.> процесс рождения и гибели

calorizing by powder process — алитирование в твердой среде

chromizing by powder process — твердое диффузионное хромирование

continuous spinning process — непрерывный процесс прядения

direct ore-reduction process — бездоменный процесс

direct reduction process — способ прямого восстановления

disturbed harmonic process — возмущенный гармонический процесс

drawn-gate CMOS process — технология КМОП-схем с удлиненными затворами

fellows process machining — обкатка

plasma spraying process — плазменная металлизация

process heat demand — технологическое потребление тепла

process steam extraction — технологический отбор пара

process with recycle — циркуляционный процесс

realization of random process — реализация случайного процесса

rubber regeneration process — способ регенерации резины

side-blown converter process — малое бессемерование

simulate process on computer — моделировать ЭВМ

statistical process control — управление статистическое

strictly stationary process — стационарный в узком смысле процесс

Англо-русский технический словарь.

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